Bukit Merah Central to Hort Park in 25 Minutes on Foot


So I have an appointment with a client to recce the multi-purpose hall at Hort Park for an upcoming event videography.

I checked my Streetdirectory iPhone app for driving directions and it said only three minutes to get there from my office.

Since it is so near, I decided to walk instead of drive.

The leisurely stroll took 25 minutes. I walked along Depot Road (see the blue dot in the map, that’s me. The green pin is my office and the red pin is Hort Park).

Though the afternoon sun was scorching hot, the trees along the street were gigantic and shady (like those I keep crashing into in Temple Run).

It’s a good break from the computer and concrete jungle.

If given an another appointment at Hort Park, will I walk there again? Likely not, I am an explorer at heart, and this path is explored.

Adrian Lee

Spotted this banana tree outside Hort Park…


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