Best Language Translator App for Travel

Have you wished you understood the sign boards in a foreign country?

Now, you don’t have to be Lucy from the movie “Lucy” who can translate foreign languages using more than 10% of her brain.

All you need is Google Translate.

The major update released in January 2015 comes with powerful features.

Other than typing in text to translate, it can now translate printed texts in the physical world.

Just take a picture of the physical printed text with your camera phone and it will automatically translate to a language that you understand.

If the picture is too cluttered, like the photo I took as you can see in this post, just mark the portion you want to translate.

As of today, the app can translate 36 languages.

It is available as free download for both iOS and Android.



Now my iPhone 6 is really an indispensable tool I cannot live without.

Adrian Lee

Quick Cheat Sheet:
– Google Translate
– Major Update
– January 2015
– Faster and Easier
– Translates Real-time conversation
– Translates Printed Text
– Technology from Word Lens
– Point phone camera at text and have it translate live
– iOS and Android
– Similar tool by Skype (microsoft)

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