Apple WWDC 2015 OS X and iOS Announcements Worth Waiting For



  1. OS X 10.11 El Capitan replacing OS X Yosemite.
  2. Cursor enlarges when shaken to make it easy to find.
  3. Easy split screen view for two different apps.
  4. 8x performance increase in Adobe CC apps.
  5. Available as free upgrade this Fall (September 2015).


  1. iOS 9 replacing iOS 8.
  2. Enhanced Intelligence in SIRI with Proactive Assistant.
  3. Guesses unidentified caller by searching your emails on iPhone.
  4. Enhanced Notes with text formatting, checklists, images and drawing.
  5. Maps shows public transits and walking directions.
  6. iPad keyboard doubles as a trackpad.
  7. Multi-task with split screen view on the iPad.
  8. Watch a video picture-in-picture while working on other apps on the iPad.
  9. Swift will be open source.
  10. Available as free upgrade this Fall (September 2015).

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