Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8: Camera and Design

The iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: the Ultimate Battle of the Titans! How to choose one of the two gadgets that you would like to go for?

iPhone X vs Note 8

The Smartphone business has been long dominated by the two tech giants of the industry, Apple and Samsung and this year is going to be no different than the last decade or so. Here’s how the companies measure up this year for their devices.

Last month, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8, a Smartphone that was anticipated to take the market by a storm, which it has. It boasts of “Infinity” display, the S Pen and a glass body, making it the most desirable Smartphone among the public.

The iPhone X, from Apple, is scheduled to hit the markets in the first week of November. While most of its features are closely similar to its competitor, the one major attraction for the buyers to look for is its depth-sensing camera.

So how you get to choose one of the two gadgets that you would like to go for?


2x optical zoom feature is now in place through the dual cameras that have been used in both the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8. This feature enables you to take pictures in which you can focus on the subject and blur the background, which is an effect known as “Bokeh” among the photographers working in the fashion industry. The rest of the camera features are almost identical in two of the flagship devices like the dual-tone LED flash, image stabilization, image sensors of 12-megapixel etc.

“Portrait” picture options in Apple iPhone X could well be a wow factor and the subtle difference between the two gadgets. While the Galaxy Note 8 proves to be a much better choice if you are to consider the 8-megapixel front camera compared to the 7-megapixel camera in the iPhone X.


Both the devices have been given a glass body with their edges being bound together by a metal band. The iPhone X weighs around 174g which is less compared to 195g Galaxy Note 8.   

Apple has used a digital bar as a replacement to the Home Button, while Samsung has made use of a pressure-sensitive panel to toggle between the menu options.

Wireless charging is a useful feature offered in both the gadgets. However, the users will have to pay an extra price to get the charging pods for both the devices. Apart from that, the devices are water-resistant and dust-proof.

The iPhone X has the facial recognition system, instead of the usual fingerprint reader from its previous flagship devices. Whereas the Galaxy Note 8 features a fingerprint reader at the rear.

Silver and Space Grey are the only two variants of the Apple iPhone X, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes in 4 different variants namely Deepsea Blue, Maple Gold, Midnight Back and the Orchid Grey.

A major portion of the front is covered by the display in both the gadgets and both of them are equipped with OLED Panels, giving a whole new level of Smartphone experience.


In conclusion, it’s safe to say that iOS lovers would prefer the iPhone X especially for its dual camera features and the revolutionary A11 bionic chip – the fastest smartphone processor in the world. However, there’s still a contest with the Samsung S8 with a sleeker design and numerous customization options that come with the powerful Android flagship phone. If you don’t mind paying a whopping $1000 price for a flagship smartphone, the iPhone X is definitely the way to go.

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