Journal – 12 Nov 2015 – Community is King

What happened?

Reading Today

Checked Ticket

Online Sales

  • Sold 9 Amazon Products.  Finally, the first San-X plush toy after months and a surprise Kindle tablet which I did not promote…image

Star Wars app

Installed Star Wars app after watching the Awakening trailer on YouTube once again.

  • It’s 27 degrees Celsius tonight here in Singapore and the app says it feels like Kashyyyk, the tropical forest planet of Wookies.


  • Then I trained to use the force in my living room like Luke Skywalker did on the Millenium Falcon with augmented reality.



  • Watched Flash. Who is Zoom? Where did Dr Light go? Vibe managed to shoot Zoom from the back?
  • Watched Serangoon Road. One of the rare local drama worth watching. Actually produced by Australians and mostly filmed on Batam.

What did you learn?

New word

Apoplexy: (1) unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage or stroke.  (2). informal extreme anger.

WordPress editing

This post is edited with WordPress online via Safari browser on iPhone 6. A bit tight in input UI. Is there a better online WordPress editor for mobile? Solved! Turned off Asteroid theme editor.

What can be done better?



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