A Good Workout with Xbox Kinect Adventures

I skipped 3 Sundays of routine jogging due to work and other excuses.

One excuse is I get sleepy in the afternoon if I jogged in the morning.

So today, I scheduled a new routine…


An Xbox Kinect workout between dinner and sleep.

That will kill three birds with one stone… no sitting down with a full stomach, entertain myself after a day’s work and enjoy quality time with my kids.

(must start 1 hour after dinner, otherwise the food inside will tumble)

The workout game tonight was…

Exclusive Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures!

“River Chase” nearly killed me with all the wild jumping.

I am all sweaty now. Will wait another hour till I shower and sleep.


Adrian Lee

My Xbox Kinect did not include the pink mat like they are promoting in Amazon now… Exclusive Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures and Pink Yoga Mat for XBOX 360 By MICROSOFT.


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