Smells Like Car Perfume | Day 6 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Editing with Premiere Pro is so slow with the 180 clips I shot yesterday.

Why? Trim, ripple trim, split, delete, delete and close gap, select track forward, insert, close gap again, drag, and so on… so many keystrokes. On FCPx, it’s trim, split, insert and everything else adjusts automatically.

I wish I can switch to Final Cut Pro to continue editing this vlog, but I don’t want to start all over.

For my next vlog, I will definitely use Final Cut Pro.

(I wanted to use PPro because I might continue editing on a Windows PC.)

Premiere Pro will be exclusive for client work for now.

So I am stuck in my room editing and tapping the keyboard repeatedly like a mad man.

The good thing is, my room smells pleasantly like car perfume. The Ambi Pur clip-on freshener left behind from the returned Uber rental car.

10 hours later… including lunch and grocery shopping… the vlog edit is completed.


Continue tomorrow…


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Adrian Lee
Journal of a Work at Home Dad in Singapore

To do:

  • Create Lesson: How to set default font in premiere pro
  • Check out free video editing software.

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