4 Tips for Taking Product Photos that will Increase Conversion Ratio

Your product photos have great influence over buyers’ decision, if this were not the case, and then people wouldn’t be spending significant amounts of money on package or logo design. Photography is one of the key players when it comes to influencing the buyer’s decision, and today you can rarely find a shopper who will pay for a product without any image next to its description.

This is the topic we will be tackling today, product photography and photo editing for digital marketing. More precisely, we will give some tips on how to take and create images that are going to increase the conversion rate of your online store. Your potential shoppers will be more likely persuaded into buying the products you offer if you do things this way.

Use a suitable environment

You can never go wrong with a single photo of the product since the buyer wants to know how the item looks in its entirety. Also, if you are selling used items on websites like eBay, you should display the product in such a way that reveals it is still in good condition and that nothing is missing.

However, this is just a basic requirement for a customer that to make a product sell, you need to go a step further. You will need a suitable environment to present your product effectively.

  • Background

You should use a white background for product images so that every important detail is clearly visible, and so the buyers will know what they are getting. You should take a few images of the product, to cover every angle and fully present it. It is also your responsibility to use quality lighting to make photos appear more professional.

  • Context

In addition to the previously mentioned pictures, you need a set of images to help you sell the product, and these are the so-called context pictures. Show your product in different environments, what it looks like when someone is wearing it, or how it looks in the house/street, and how it looks while it’s being used. This context will differ depending on the fact that what you are selling.

Edit photos

If you think that you are going to need a high-quality photography gear, or to hire a professional photographer, you are wrong. Sure, you can do those things, but it will cost you a lot of money, for something you can do on your own. Sure it’s good to have pictures in high definition, but even the phone camera can be used along with some photo editing, to achieve this same effect.

In other words, it is more budget-friendly to produce images on your own, and hire a photo editing company or find photo editing services, and have those pictures enhanced regarding quality. You can also look for photo editing tips online, and learn how to do this on your own.

Even if you hire a photographer, the images will still need to be edited, which is why it’s a good option to produce images on your own. Photo editing for digital marketing is a discipline of its own, and you can easily find professionals online who can help you out in this department.

Add emotion to the picture

Another very important aspect you should add to your images is emotion. This is very similar to the context trick that was introduced earlier. Adding emotion means that the human models you use in pictures should be happy, or relaxed, or whichever emotion you want your product to evoke. It is not too difficult to pull off, and it can easily improve the conversion rate of your online store.

After all, most often we spend money because we want to feel good, so you are not only selling a product, you are selling an emotion, or feeling of happiness, which is why this technique works so well. Moreover, it is the reason why videos sell things more effectively. The only problem is that videos cost more to produce, which is why you should stick to photos for optimal efficiency.

High-resolution images

Lastly, it is crucial that you use high-resolution images for your product presentation. Your shoppers need to scan through numerous products as they are browsing your store, but when they see an item, they like they are going to click on it. Once the item is selected, the picture will expand and reveal way more details. By using high-resolution images, you don’t lose any picture quality during its expansion.

You can use the same image for both a small and a large picture, and both versions will look great. Also, this kind of approach makes you look more professional because if there is one thing, that shoppers hate, it is a sloppily crafted online store.

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Well, these were some of the basic and most effective product photo techniques you can use to increase conversion rates. It is important to remember to present the items accurately, with the desired emotion and useful context.

Furthermore, every photo you make must undergo the process of photo editing for digital marketing, to boost its selling capabilities. Finally, make sure the photos are in high resolution.


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