3 Moves That Will Earn You More Simoleons Fast in SimCity Buildit

Spend less and make real money with these classic game strategies.

Yes, I play games on my iPhone too! especially when I feel stressed.

What am I stressed with? Preparing this weekend’s training.

…anyway… back to the game.

Until this morning, I discovered 3 ways to earn game coins faster on SimCity Buildit.

  1. Manufacture and sell more hamburgers in the marketplace.
  2. Manufacture items for shipping and exporting at the airport.
  3. Don’t upgrade roads. Build and demolish shortcuts when the red traffic jam alert appears. Road upgrades are expensive!

Look at the snapshot. I am almost a millionaire.

So what do you think?

Whenever I play this game, I am motivated to do the same in real life.

That is, make real money in the real city.

To gamify my real life business, I bought this guide that will teach me how to invest 30 minutes on my blog and earn $230 while I sleep. 

Sounds like hype. But no harm trying.

Follow me while I document the steps to see what turns out.


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