16Nov2015 – Ranking, Nofollow, Goals

  1. Higher Ranking in Search Engines. I observed that among my websites, those that rank higher have a front page that looks like a table of content which links in to more pages as well as linking out to external sites.  Those that look like a list of blog posts in front do poorly.  I will experiment with updating the front pages of my lower ranking sites, starting with this blog.
  2. Best WordPress Nofollow Links Plugin.  At least this plugin is the best for now, because I can choose which link in a post I want to add the nofollow command.  I need it for external affiliate links as part of the search engine ranking requirement. Ultimate-Unfollow-wordpress-plugin
  3. 101 Lifetime Goals.  Today’s lunch time video is “Thoughts Become Things” by Jack Canfield.  One takeaway I can take action right now is to write that 101 life time goals.


  4. Testimonial for Video Editing Guide. Received a nice comment for my eBook Premiere Elements Ultimate Guide for Beginners.  Thanks!  Testimonial

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