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Make it fast. Make it personal. It’s all about delivering new user experience.

That’s what I learned from attending today’s Adobe’s Make It Local event at Raffles City.

Here are some quick notes I took.

  • New in Website design. XD. Muse. Project Felix – Create 3D object on 2D image.
  • New in Premiere. Audio tool. Audio Match loudness. Audio Repair noise reduction. Add stereo and reverb. Music duration setting. No need adobe audition.
  • New in Premiere. Text edit. New Text tool i the tool bar and pen tool. New Essential graphics tab. Export as Motion Graphic template. Import After Effects templates. Can change After Effects temple settings in Premiere.
  • New in After Effects. Camera shake deblur. Use with stabilizer.
  • Premiere. VR SETUP.
  • Make money with Premiere. Under publish. Adobe stock. Sell your own footages.
  • Photoshop. Find similar stock photos from inside Photoshop. Draw what you want to find if you don’t know the description. Uses Adobe Sensei. Sharpen – shake reduction. Quick selection tool – select and mask for hair strands – refine. Patch tool. Crop – Straighten – content aware fill. Content aware scale. Dehaze. Liquify – make people bigger or slimmer. 3D extrusion.
  • Adobe sensei. Intelligent data project. Works across all CC products.
  • Mobile. Free apps. Lightroom. Spark.
  • Behance. Upload your portfolio. Get found by clients.

The best feature (the loudest audience applause) goes to…

  • Photoshop – Sharpen – Shake reduction

So, don’t delete your blur photos due to the shaky camera. Photoshop can make it clear.

One more impressive announcement is the free Social Graphics creator… Watch the video.

Disobey the ways of the past. Embrace the new era of creatives.

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