What is a bullet journal?

What is a bullet journal?

I chanced upon the term “bullet journal” while searching for a slogan phrase with the word “journal” in it.

From Buzzfeed… https://www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/rachelwmiller/how-to-start-a-bullet-journal

A Bullet Journal is a method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as the core structure.

It uses a system with jargons such as Index, Daily Log, Monthly Log, Rapid Logging and Future Log.

The main idea is to write notes quickly using a real pen and a physical notebook.

It is a to do list, a planner, and a diary. 3 things in one.

Sounds exactly like what I’m doing now on my Google calendar.

Will this work hand-in-hand with my blog and my vlog?

Will this improve my journaling content?

First, divide your journal into days, weeks, and months.

Next, use  “rapid logging” symbols to specify the bullet points that you are writing in to the journal.

. To do

x done

< scheduled

> migrated

– note

o event

Indeed, it’s exactly what I’m doing on my iPhone Calendar, except I move events instead of writing  and I write the actual words done and noted.

There are other complicated things to do like creating the index page in front and to number every page.

Can I replicate this on my WordPress blog?

Future log? What’s that? It’s basically a Calendar like any other for upcoming events like meetings, anniversary, birthdays, etc.

Here’s the actual website with the detailed system instructions… http://bulletjournal.com

There is an app for that too… http://bulletjournal.com/companion/

Oh, it’s only a companion app to the physical journal.

If you look at my Apple iPhone calendar you can see that I am actually practicing the system of bullet journaling. The only thing I cannot do is make sketches.

My Digital bullet journal

Now, is there a way I can integrate this with my wordpress blog?

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