Is this the “Second” Fall of Singapore?

I never express my views about politics in public before, but this saga pierced deep into my heart as a proud Singaporean.

Ever since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, I have this intuitive idea that Singapore will never be the same anymore.

Singapore will no longer be the shining star in the world without Lee Kuan Yew. In fact, it will most likely be a falling star.

The current government under the new Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is doing an excellent job of maintaining Singapore’s status.

If any adverse situation were to happen, I am sure the government and the citizens can handle.

If the government or the PM did not do a good job, there will most likely be an uprising of disagreement among citizens.

Of course, there was a number of disagreement which the government fixed.

Let’s cut to the chase…


1000 unhappy citizens complaining about the PM abusing his powers is insignificant, compared with complaints coming from Lee Kuan Yew’s own blood and flesh descendants.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling (whom both I respect and admire) saying PUBLICLY that their brother PM Lee Hsien Loong is abusing his power on them and on the people… is LITERALLY INITIATING THE END OF SINGAPORE!

The end of prosperous Singapore, the trusted nation, the clean, stable, and anti-corrupt government.

I, as an ordinary citizen, would ignore the 1000 unhappy fellow Singaporeans that try to tarnish the reputation of our PM (which is tied to the government and hence Singapore).

However, I cannot ignore the fact that it’s Lee Kuan Yew’s own children that are accelerating the “second” fall of Singapore.

Anyway, is this even politics?

It’s just an internal family squabble made public. A quarrel over the will of Lee Kuan Yew to demolish his home at 38 Oxley Road after his death.

Maybe I am just exaggerating about the “second” fall of Singapore.

I hope this is the first and last time I express my views PUBLICLY on this topic.

My message to PM Lee Hsien Loong: Keep up the good work. You can never be a Lee Kuan Yew, but you have your own awesome way of running the nation. You are someone that I feel I can trust. (Of course, I don’t agree with every policy. Like why must the next President be race-based or “race-biased”, and why are we making the cost of living rise faster than our income.)

My Remedy Idea: Demolish the house. Shake hands. Forgive and forget. Continue building the nation (…without increasing the cost of living)

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions.

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