Is Singletasking the New Multitasking?

“Result is the sum total of consecutive tiny tasks.” – Adrian Lee

In the past one week, I took breaks from work by building my SimCity.

From this game, I discovered 3 important lessons applicable to real life.

1. To achieve the desired result, focus on it one task at a time.

Things get done faster this way than spreading resources thinly over multiple goals.

2. There is also a second lesson on outsourcing.

Sometimes you need to pay others to help you get things done where you cannot do it on time working alone.

3. The third lesson is about optimisation.

Although it is most efficient to focus on one goal at a time, we still need to choose that one goal from the many goals waiting to be done.

The way to select that one goal is to choose the one that produces the highest return, that will propel you to the next level, and that you are in a position ready to execute that goal.

Forget the rest of the goals or put them in the queue.


We have only so much resource at any given point in time. Make full use of it on a chosen goal before moving on to the next.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions.

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Adrian Lee
Journal of a work from home dad in Singapore

The journal continues…

Research on LA for July 2017 working trip

  • Singapore to Los Angeles flight time?
  • How much is flight?
  • How much is insurance?
  • Any paperwork for camera gear?

SIN to LAX 18 to 28 hours.

Return ticket options. Depart 12 Jul 2017. Return 17 Jul 2017. Per adult economy fare. Includes taxes and surcharges. (Note price and flight time) [Remeber to x2 for assistant videographer]

  • S$1820 SIA transit Tokyo. 20h. Expedia.
  • S$1281 JAL transit NRT/HNL. 28h 33m. Zuji.
  • S$1364 Korean Air transit ICN. 20h 40m.  Zuji.
  • S$1314 Korean Air transit ICN. 20h 40m. Sky Scanner.
  • S$1369 Korean Air transit ICN. 24h 30m. FareCompare

Source of flight comparisons:

Fun Facts:

  • Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International is 14,117 km
  • Los Angeles (GMT -7) is 15 hours behind of Singapore (GMT +8).
  • The hottest month in Los Angeles is in July with an average temperature of 22 degree Celsius.
  • The most popular airline flying from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International last month was Cathay Pacific
  • The average flight time from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International is 17h 25min
  • $992 was the cheapest return price from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International last month
  • There are no direct flights between Singapore and Los Angeles.
  • There are no budget airlines that fly from Singapore to Los Angeles.
  • At LA, a taxi from the airport to the city centre should cost you anywhere between USD 40 (SGD 55) and USD 60 (SGD 82) before tips


Send an invoice for deposit.
Prepare backup gear on carry-on baggage.

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