What is EdgeRank on Facebook? Is it Outdated?

What is EdgeRank on Facebook? Is it Outdated?

  • Everything you do on Facebook is called an “Edge” (post, update, link, image, video, changes, apps, everything)
  • But if everybody was notified of all the “edges” of all the people and page they follow, it would be cluttered-up chaos
  • So Facebook use “EdgeRank” to determine what gets displayed and the ranking associated with it
  • Rank – Affinity x Weight x Decay What is EdgeRank.jpg
    • Affinity – how often your fans interact with posts you make (not how many time you post to them)
    • Weight – value of the “edge” to the user, set by Facebook (pictures, videos, links and text-only posts have different weightings)
    • Time Decay –  newer edges are given priority (unless old edges continue to attract interactions)
  • How to get better EdgeRank?
    • Make posts that drive interaction (boost your affinity score)
    • Make posts that contain videos / images / text but not links (boosts your weight score)
    • Make posts regularly (boosts your time decay score). 3-4 daily with couple of hours in between
  • The 3-step  VIP formula for getting thousands of free visitors, fast!
    • V = Value
    • I = Interaction
    • P = Personal
  • How to give value on Facebook
    • Tips and advice
    • News in your industry
    • Articles from external sources
    • Case studies
    • Reports
    • Video walkthroughs
  • How to get mass interaction
    • Ask questions
    • Ask for their opinion
    • Ask for their help with a problem
    • Start a discussion
    • Use controversy to stir things up
  • Get personal
    • People buy from people
    • Don’t always have your work hat on
    • Have fun
    • Be yourself
    • Know – like – trust – buy
  • Finding prospects on Facebook
    • Don’t use your personal account
    • Just get another account using another email address
    • Find leaders in your niche and send them friend requests
    • Find their friends and send them friend requests
    • Use the Facebook search tool to find relevant groups to join to locate more friends
    • Do a max of 50 friend requests per day (spread over two sessions)
  •  Story-based promos
    • Keep it natural
    • Personal experience of using the product
    • Headline – story – lesson – product
  • Facebook hates external links
    • Put a space before the .com link
    • Write in brackets (remove the space)
    • Let people copy the link

The three original EdgeRank elements — Affinity, Weight and Time Decay — are still factors in News Feed ranking, but 100,000 other things are equally important. In other words, the News Feed algorithm of today is much more sophisticated than just a couple years ago. – http://marketingland.com/edgerank-is-dead-facebooks-news-feed-algorithm-now-has-close-to-100k-weight-factors-55908

Now, about Adobe After Effects…

How to remove the background from a video?

  • Use after effects roto brush tool then use refine edge for complex edges like hair.
  • Roto brush works on a separate video layer. Not in a composition.

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