How to Create Call Out Titles on After Effects

Today, I am working on editing a client’s Indiegogo video. Learned many things along the way as I  create extra effects here and there.

How to Create Call Out Titles – Advanced After Effects Tutorial.

Here’s my application…

How to Create Call Out Titles - Advanced After Effects Tutorial.jpg

How to Duplicate Compositions in After Effects Correctly.

Needed a character that looks like a 90-degree bracket. Found them…
Sorry, the above characters do not work.
Instead, I used the letter L from Trebuchet MS font.
Here’s the result.
Angular bracket character.jpg

Track Camera and Track Motion Disabled on Clip dynamically linked from Premiere Pro CC 2017?

Solution: Deselect “Collapse Transform” for the appropriate PreComp. It’s the one that looks like a little gear.

Deselect Collapse Transform in After Effects.jpg

Thanks to and

How to create animated sound waves on After Effects?

Use Radio Wave Effect. These are the settings I like.

Create animated sound waves on After Effects.jpg

The editing continues tomorrow.


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