How to Increase YouTube Views | #4 of 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge

“A cannon fires only once but words detonate across centuries” – Grant Morrison

The same thing can be said about my vlog yesterday.

Instead of having the whole day’s event edited into one vlog, break it up into smaller more useful chunks, so as to increase the chances of my content rising up across search engines.

So that’s what  I am going to do from today.

  • Continue to document nearly everything I do and learn
  • Edit into smaller pieces of one specific topic each
  • Schedule each piece to post in consecutive days

How would you increase your YouTube views? Share it in the comment below.

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The blog and vlog continue…

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30-day YouTube Profits Challenge Goal: Increase my YouTube earnings to $100 per month by Day 30 of the challenge, using the YouTube Profits Maximizer method.

I will be documenting my actions taken and the results achieved in this blog, based the Shiney Object Lemonade blogging system.

The blog continues…

How to make a cut at the current playhead location in Premiere Pro?

  • Premiere Pro razor at current time indicator
  • Razor Tool should have single keystroke anywhere anytime.
  • Control-K (command-K for Mac)

What’s the Ripple Delete keyboard shortcut in Premiere Pro?

  • shift-fn-delete

What’s the best shortcut key in Premiere Pro?

  • Control (Windows) / Command (Mac)

What’s TLC?

  • Traffic, Leads and Conversion

What’s LDT?

  • Learn, Do and Teach

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