Best Free Video Editing Software | Day 15 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Why feel bitter when my recommendation don’t work? Why not offer an alternative and better solution?

Choose to be better instead of bitter.

6.30am The search continues for a free 32-bit video editing software.

In other words, find a free video editing software that works on older or lower spec computers.

My recommendation with Davinci Resolve does not install on everyone’s device.

Let’s read other people’s research and more articles.

Here’s one I must test personally… VLC Movie Creator… or VLMC for short.

Ok, I cannot find the download link. It says “Note that VLMC is still under development and therefore not ready for beta testing or production yet.”

Move along.

Nearly every PC nowadays has a 64-bit processor now, so why should you care about the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems?

Read more:

That does not mean everybody owns a new PC.

Let’s list out all the free and open source video editing software that may still have the 32-bit version.

  • Pitivi – It says Pitivi 1.0 is coming… still beta testing
  • OpenShot – looks promising with animated titles and audio waveform… latest only for 64-bit
  • Avidemux – looks outdated… might as well use Windows Movie Maker
  • KDEnlive
  • VideoPad Video Editor – looks promising… installed and tested but asked me to buy when exporting… free? installed again via an obscure link and this time I can certify I am a non-commercial home user… it works!VideoPad Video Editor Free.pngHere’s the obscure free download link… 
  • VSDC Free Video Editor – Windows only

More free, but 64-bit…

  • OpenShot – looks promising with animated titles and audio waveform… latest only 64-bit
  • Shotcut – 64-bit Windows 7 – 10, Apple OS X 10.8 – 10.10, or 64-bit Linux

Other more professional free video editing software… but with steep learning curve

Online Free Video Editing Software

  • YouTube – just basic no-frill edits

So the likely contender is VideoPad.



12pm: Watched Adsense Livestream: Learn about Adsense Policies. Taken notes…

  1. Don’t click on your own ads. Don’t even ask others to click.
  2. Think like the user. Provide useful, interesting, value-added, and easy-to-find content.
  3. Keep content family-safe and legal. Content is not good if you don’t wnt a child or grandparent to see it. Respect copyrights.
  4. Maximise content, not ads per page. Create new, interesting, relevant content. Update regularly.
  5. Avoid deceptive layouts. Don’t place ads near images for accidental clicks. Keep ads away from games, slideshows, and other click-heavy content.
  6. Don’t duplicate content. Create unique content.
  7. Track your traffic. Traffic should be organic.
  8. Prevent invalid click activity. Avoid Artificial clicks.
  9. Don’t modify Adsense code.

Common warnings.

  1. Ads on dynamic content. Chats, instant messaging, auto-refreshing content.
  2. Sexual content.
  3. Deceptive layouts. Ads near navigation buttons.
  4. Unnatural attention.
  5. Mislabelling. “Resource Links” not allowed. OK if the label says “Advertisements” or ” Sponsored Links”.
  6. Copyrighted material.
  7. Explicit text.
  8. Violent content.
  9. Thank you, Exit, Login or Error Pages. Ads are not allowed on non-content pages.

Apply mobile first strategy. More searches come from mobile.

2pm: Paperwork!

3pm: Sharpened skills on video editing using Davinci Resolve 12.5 for beginners – Got the hang of it.

4pm: Converted an MP4 to ISO for a Fiverr Gig.


This post is updated live until the end of day…

To be continued… Tune in…

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